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the place for veggie statistics

and stuff.

polls for vegetarians.
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hey all.....
so yeah... here's the statistics community.... i am supposing we can also post actual scientific statistics that we find as well.... we plan on having the memories section as a quick reference of past polls... and informational stuff from the past posts of this community and other vegetarian communities.

according to democracy poll #1, you may post as many polls as you want per day... without hiding them under an LJ cut. (if your poll is exceptionally long, it might be more polite to hide them... but you be the judge)

and maybe the "found" statistics that are posted should be actual scientific statistics and all... with a documented source and all... or at least a link to the website that it was found on.

crazy go nuts, and have fun you guys.

other communities to check out are vegpromo and vegantravel. both communities have gigantic lists of other veg*n communities listed on each respective profile page.

directions on how to make a poll if you've never done it before:
just go here and then when you're done, click on the button that says view code... copy that and paste it into your LJ client, and then post it here :-)
(if you choose "create poll" it'll go to your own journal :-) so yeah, don't do that unless you want it posted there.) :-)

if you have any ideas for future polls, and you don't have the ability to make a poll, post a comment here

this community is moderated by vegetus any questions or concerns can be directed there. in addition, you may make a post at veganmods if there's a spamming issue.

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